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Sister of Awana leader becomes Christian and is baptized

This year I will be an Awana leader!

Awana Leader in Ukraine

"Hello. Му name is Lyza. I am from Melitopol. I was born in christian family. My older sister had been serving children in Awana club since she was 16. When I was child I also used to visit the club. But when I became older I had a lot of another studies and I dropped Awana. About 1.5 years ago my older sister, Olga, sometimes asked me to help her someway that brought me to the club again.

Sometimes she asked me to help her in some preparations for the club, sometimes - just to pass time because she should be at work. So, sometimes I visited Awana meetings.  Visiting the club I have noticed that the meetings became more interesting, leaders had a lot of new ideas that I liked too.   As a result, I have loved this Awana program.

At the beginning of new Awana year I asked to help as an Awana leader. Awana was a great blessing for me. God worked through Awana leaders and I have accepted Jesus into my heart in November 23, 2008 and August 2 , 2009 I was baptized. So this year I will be Awana leader!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"


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