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Ukraine pastor attends every Awana meeting

Pastor very involved in local Awana club

Club in Ukraine 

"This month I did the Basic Training and participated in new Awana club from Skoliv church. This new club was started by Pentecostal evangelical church. The first club they have started was in the local orphanage. there are about 30 clubbers.

They always have happy time together playing games, and having the handbook time. The pastor of the church every meeting is present at the club and moreover he personally brings the leaders. During the Awana meetings and after it he talks with the staff and Director.

The game and handbook time they usually have outside but for the last part they move inside. Some children and teachers just looking at this Awana club but don't participate in it. And their attitude to this activity is different.

After the Awana meeting I had a conversation with the leaders and they told me that they would like to start one more club in the center of that city for children from the comprehensive schools. Then I visited that church and met there some missionaries who also told me about their desire to start Awana ministry in their villages."


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