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Called to reach out to children

New leader in Fiji senses God's call to reach children

"God has called me to reach out to the children of Fiji and I've been serving our Lord for almost 5 years now.  Awana has been an enormous part of my training and being equipped for service.

My neighborhood is full of children from all denominations and religions and I'm trying my best to show them through my life style, the Lord Jesus.  This has worked and is still working in helping the children come and listen to the reason why I'm different from everyone else.  All praise and glory to our Savior.

I have a vision to have an Awana club in my area as soon as God opens the doors that are keeping me out so please pray with me.  I also want to build a gymnasium for Awana so that the children can have a safe and comfortable area to have games and especially in our dangerous cities."


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