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Devastation in the wake of recent typhoons

Prayer needed for those who lost loved ones

"Greetings from Manila!

Thank you so much for your continued prayers. Our hearts continue to be heavy as we hear stories and see firsthand the devastation that raged from typhoons many weeks ago.  Although there are countless stories I could share, I would like to just mention two.

* A missionary friend had been bringing relief goods and food to mudslide victims.  He shared with me about seeing 7 candles that were burning in a house signifying the 7 lives lost there. Upon looking at the pictures, it was 7 candles standing in the mud.  I had thought they were IN the house, but they were simply standing where the house had once stood.  All 7 candles represented loss in just one family.

* Another community affected by a mudslide included a mother of 4, her youngest a 5 day old baby.  When the mom saw the river coming, she carefully and tightly wrapped her baby around her body, and grabbed the other children by the hands.  When the water came, the 6 year old was able to grab a tree and survived.  The 2 older children were not so fortunate.  The mom was knocked unconscious and when she woke up, the baby was gone.

Please pray for this woman and others like her in the midst of tremendous loss and devastation. I can't stop thinking about the children."


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