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Training leaders in the Amazon proves successful

Ministry expands in the Amazon, Brazil

Kids in the Amazon in Belem, Brazil
Kids in the Amazon in Belem, Brazil

"The end of September and the first week of October, Linda and I went to Belem, Brazil to do a three-day missionary/ministry team training in preparation for their first Seed Planters’ (Leadership) Training Conference which immediately followed the train-the-trainer training.  Again, my training was done with a translator.  Awana missionary, Dan Swedberg, who oversees the Awana ministry in Brazil, made an excellent translator and the Brazil team took their turn at training the leaders from the 22 churches who attended the Seed Planters’ training.

Yes, it was HOT and HUMID!  We weren’t the only ones who felt it.  During Game Time, outdoors, it was especially felt by all.  Yet, we didn’t hear any complaining.  The people were excited to get the training and were looking forward to learning all they could so that they could go back to their own churches and recruit and train leaders for their own club.

Of course, the highlight of the Seed Planters’ Trainings is when the children come to give the newly-trained leaders a chance to put to practice what they have been learning.  The children who came to our two separate clubs did not come from churches that have Awana so this was new to the children.  Some were probably wondering what it was they were getting themselves into, as may be the case with these children in the picture.  Yet, once the clubs got started, it was evident the children were having a great time, and the leaders were able to see how rewarding it is to give of their time and energy to get an Awana Club started in their church.

Again, in the end, it was a fruitful nine days of trainings.  The missionaries are prepared to do more of these Awana Seed Planters’ trainings in each of their own areas of Brazil, we had great fellowship, experienced new foods, customs, and sights (Belem is on the Amazon river).  The Awana team sees the Seed Planters’ campaign as an effective method to train multiple churches at one time which will help their Awana ministry grow much quicker in the coming months and years.  We see God using this method of reaching the children with the gospel to bring children and their families to Himself in record time."


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