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Girl brings her parents to church

Parents of clubber come to know Jesus through their daughter

Sparks clubbers in Venezuela

"We give thanks to God for the Grand Prix activity that took place in Aruba on the 30th of October.  It was a great occasion to see so all the island churches and observe how parents and clubbers worked together to compete.  It is important to also say, that the ministry team made a great effort in promoting, using the radio, press and television; which provoked a great expectation and impression in the entire island, and we were able to see how the means of communication worked to review the activity and highlight the importance of it.

A girl that attends club at the Church of the Way, was able to bring her parents through her own testimony and they received the Lord.  Also the Church of Orajestad, began it’s process of visitation to the children attending the club and there are now two families that began attending the church for the work of these leaders.  Thanks to God for His blessing and for using these brothers to reach others."


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