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New leader in Malawi expresses joy over Awana

Five Flame clubbers in Malawi

"I went to a certain Baptist church to see our friends for the program of Awana. Awana is the best program I have ever seen for bringing children and families into the church and teaching children the Bible. It’s a really great way of spreading the gospel not only to children but to everyone.

At my church we have just started the program.  But the training for Awana Leaders will be next year, 2010 in April. Us we just started the program, I praise God for Awana and what it means to so many lost people. I have seen the hardest hearts softened through the program. I have seen in just that short time a big change in attendance at my church. Its our youth group at my church is really growing now that we have a program.

Lastly, being a part of Awana program in my church it gives me the sense that we`re changing the world one life at a time. It is a blessings and honor to be able to serve the Lord through Awana."


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