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Ogolla becomes godly

Unruly clubber has a change of heart

 Clubber in Kenya during game time

Kevin Ogolla is a young boy aged 14, living with both his parents at home. He is a grade eight pupil at a school called world Hope Academy. He also goes to the same church as his school called Hope Baptist Church. He joined Awana in the sparks club while very young.

He was a boy that didn’t like associating himself with other kids at the club meeting on Saturdays; he was a rude and an uncontrolled boy. He was most of the times involved in indiscipline cases like fighting other children. Although he was bright and used to memorize and recite scripture verses very well, he was indiscipline and even other leaders at the club had complained about him and even almost gave up on him.

The three count system had been used on him severally but still he could not change. There even came a time when he was taken home the mother was told all about it and he was told not to come to the club’s meeting until a certain period of time. When he came back things were still the same, there was no change in him at all. We decided that we were not going to give up on transforming the life of Kevin because in Awana our mission is that all boys and girls will come to know, to love and to serve God and we knew this was one of our missions that we were supposed to accomplish.

We understood Kevin because we knew that even in the environment that he had come from was not that good because most of the children from his place didn’t go to church and we know that many of them see evil around them, they are seeking answers and help and are often looking in the wrong places. That’s why in Awana we have the opportunity to teach them to know who God is, what he is like and his grace

We started by counseling him step by step and with time his life started changing. In the year 2005 he got a chance to go for an Awana honor camp. This is now where he came to realize the of Awana in his life because he saw that it was not only to benefit him but he saw many boys and girls having benefited from the club in that their lives had really been transformed.

During the camp period, he was much disciplined and was not involved in any indiscipline cases. We can say that it is in this fast camp of his life that his life was changed because after the camp he became a different boy he never disturbed or even quarreled with them.                                                                     

He has become on of the best clubbers at the Hope church Awana club. He has never missed any club meeting or even any Awana camp since then. The leaders are now proud of him. He is not ashamed of the gospel of Christ as Romans 1:16-17 states and he believes that he now an approved workman and he is studying to show himself as an approved unto God.

He also says that he has seen his life changing in Awana and he doesn’t know where he would be now if not for the Awana club and for the leaders who took their time on him. All he says is to give thanks and praise the Almighty God for loving him. He is sitting for his final exams in primary level before proceeding to high school. Our praying that God will grant him knowledge and wisdom to pass the exams and even after he has gone to high school he will take the responsibility of spreading gospel as he has been prepared through leadership and service. God Bless Awana.


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