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Faith in Christ despite persecution

Family members stay strong in face of persecution in Bangladesh

"I can not express in my words in English how glad I am to share this great news to you all!! Back in 1973 my elder sister (Shova) (with the Lord now) came to know the Lord first from our family. Then my elder brother Shudir (who was a pastor) came to know the Lord in 1974 and gradually rest of the brother and the sisters. My mom came to know the Lord (now with the Lord) after 16 years of my brother Shudir.

Now great things Lord has done in our family and that is after 35 years of our Christian lives one of my brother (Adhir's whole) family accepted the Lord Jesus as their personal savior and Baptised by me on this Resurrection day. I Baptised their children last year.  The Lord has selected all of our brother and sisters for His Kingdom.  We praise and give all glory to God for His plan in our lives. Please rejoice with us and give thanks to God.

We had lots of persecution from the village when we accepted Christ but Lord gave us strength so we were able to overcome everything. Now Adhir has lot of persecution where he is living now. Please remember him in your prayer.  At present including me three of my brother very much involved with evangelical work and we want to serve him until He comes."


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