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Now he is healed

Clubber is healed in body and soul in Nepal

 Clubber in Nepal

"Warm greetings in the name of almighty God from my country.

Brother Deepak was sick he used to faint. Symptoms of his illness were similar to epilepsy. Once, he came to Awana club with his friend Dhanbir and accepted Christ and now he is healed. And now his sister comes in Awana club and his older sister comes in worship services. His parents have not still accepted Christ. Please pray for them we believe that your prayer will bring not only Deepak’s family but also many children to God.

When I attended Awana training I got real blessing. Previously I had no desire to go to Awana club. When I received this 5 days long Awana Seed Planters training my eyes are opened and soon realized to save the lost soul. I also realized to fulfill duty of a leader. Awana club brought many changes in our church. Materials provided by you really helped us in church."


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