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This training has nourished me

Awana leader is greatly encouraged by leadership training in Nepal

"I and my Ananda Church's members are very much grateful and thankful to God for your great help. Thanks a lot for your great plan and deep desire of bringing children into the faith of Jesus Christ.

Ten years ago, I have received Jesus as my personal Lord and Saviour. Then, I began to attend the Children program. There was not AWANA program during my Sunday school stage in my church. We studied just from the Bible. There were no games, no practical activities. Then, it was seemed that children were not interested to come to the church. So we were very few.

But when the moment AWANA program started in my church, children were rapidly increased and Bible teaching also became effective and interesting, that is what we felt. This kind of teaching and activities of AWANA CLUB has established strong base to produce good Sunday school teachers as we are here now. Some 4 years ago regular Awana clubs started in our church.

Again, recently I got a privilege to learn many things from this 'Seed Planter's Training'. This training has nourished me a lot of things to have encouragement. Now I came to know the value of children, Bible study method and effective way of sharing gospel. I am really very much blessed from this training.

This AWANA program has already been started in my church. But now I got new ideas from this training to tell them to come for new things in the days to come. Thank you for your open helping heart.

Thank you for encouraging and building us through this training.

Prayer request: Please pray for me that I may be able to train new Awana leaders in the church and to make effective teaching in Awana club. Please pray for my study and for good teaching in Awana club."


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