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An ambassador for Christ

Awana helps to develop hidden talents

Clubber in India

Pinky Burman is a prefect in her school, group leader of Torch Club and only daughter of Rev. Pramesh and Alo Burman. They are from Calvary Church, Alipurduar. She is a good actor and a singer.

She accepted Jesus Christ as her personal Lord and Saviour after her mother counseled her for almost a year and today she is growing strong in her faith in God. And, she says Awana program has given her so much of privileges to develop her hidden talents. She also says Awana gives so much of chances for all those who desire to learn and get their talents polished. She loves acting in any function and she is so much matured in faith.

Now, she has become like her mother, giving counseling to her friends and she does not shy away to share her faith with others. She will become an ambassador of God.


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