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God gave us a burden to reach out to children

Someday these children will preach the gospel in India

“I am Ramsanjivan. We conduct Awana in our little village called Bhavangarva. When I came from South India after finishing my Bible College study, came to know that we were only prepared for adults to share the gospel. We did not have any concern about children. But after attending Awana Seed Planters (leadership) Training for 5 days, God gave us burden to reach out children. We came to know that reaching children is top most priority for Jesus while in His earthly ministry.

After our Awana training we started Club with 2 children in our village. Other older children used to mock us by calling, 'Jisuwale, Jisuwale.' These 2 children share about clubs activity to other children. Next meeting 9 children came. This is our prayer that some day these children would be pastor and preach the Good news of Jesus to our village and nearby.”


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