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People call him genius

Clubber ranks top at school and at club in India

Clubber in India

Arun Mainali just celebrated his eleventh birthday on the 31st August. He is now in fifth standard at Bell English School in Hamiltonganj.

He started as flame clubber and now graduated to Torch from the Calvary Church in Hamiltonganj village. His eyes show his brightness and in fact, he ranks top not only in his class but also in the Clubs. People calls him genius because he is good in anything be it in his studies, sports, singing or memorizing Bible Verses.

Kamal & Anita, his godly parent were instrumental in leading Him to the Lord and into His saving grace even when he was just nine years old. So, as a flame clubber, Arun started to learn more about God from his Hand books and started to develop a deeper relationship with his Lord. Arun is seen as an asset to his family, Church and School.

Even as Arun continues with his Torch Hand book under the guidance of his teacher, Brother Swapan Das, the future looks very promising and bright.


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