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She couldn't find friends

Young clubber in Ukraine has change of heart

"Peace to you from Ukraine.

I would like to share with you my personal observation from the ministry.

This month I had meeting with Awana leaders of Donetsk region. There were leaders from Gorlovka Awana club and they told me a story of girl Diana who is 11. When Diana started to attend Awana club she couldn’t find friends there because she thought her opinion is solely right and everybody must consider her opinion. It created some problems at Awana meets because Awana requires definite rules. Leaders didn’t want to have her in their team because they should focus their attention only to her. Other clubbers were dissatisfied because Diana let down her team arguing with leaders and the team. Parents of other children forbade their children to communicate with her when they were plaing in the yard.

But God has been working in Diana’s heart and now leaders can see some changes in her temper. She has several friends and her behavior become softer and better. Leaders thank God for these changes and continue to pray for her."


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