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Sharing God in a local school

Clubbers from local church share with other children in school

"I would like to share with you a story that I was told by the leaders of “Blagodat” Odessa Awana club. The youth from this church have decided to go to the local school and tell children about God. Many children were interested in it and attended their classes. But when children came home and told parents about these Bible lessons their parents were angry and some of them even prohibited the children to attend it. Parents told that their beliefs are better and right. Then children asked the leaders what is the difference between different beliefs and what are the advantages of their belief. Leaders told them everything they were asked. They discussed that the other belief teaches that you can do bad things but then you come to the church and set the candle and all your sins are forgiven then.

Also parents told the children that the church  they are invited to visit wants to deprive them of life pleasures. At the class they gave the answer to this question as well. It was the great encouragment for the leaders that Awana clubbers of the local club took an active part in discussions and show good understanding of God’s principles. I hope these seeds will stay in children’s hearts and will give the good fruits in future."


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