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Getting saved was the best thing she ever did

Clubber in Kenya changed through Awana

Jael Jebet - Kenya Africa
Jael Jebet - Kenya Africa

"Jael is a young girl living with both her parents in the central part of Kenya called Nanyuki. She is 12 yrs old and in grade six at a school called Mount Kenya academy. She is a born again young Christian girl.                                           

She got saved before joining Awana in grade three at a different school. She says that getting saved is the best thing she ever did. Although when she got saved she was still very young to an extent where, even though other people said she was too young to understand the gospel, she felt how God loved her.

At that time she had not joined Awana although she had never heard of it. Being raised in a way of life where someone has all the freedom that she needs she found herself doing the same things that she had been doing before she got saved. Sometimes she could found herself in fights with other children, at school she was still rude to other student, she did things just to hurt her grade mates, for example, she could tear her own books and claim that it was her grade mates who did that.

She did not know much about the Word of God because she did not always read the Scriptures. She joined Mount Kenya academy in the year 2008 in grade five and that is where she was first introduced to Awana. She had no interest of joining it because she saw what other children were doing as childish and without meaning. She claimed that the other children were giving themselves a hard time by memorizing verses.

On Saturdays when other children gathered together for the program to start, she could only stand aside and watch them and after a short while leave and go do her own things. I thank God because Awana has the strength and it is very powerful in a way that it can even make somebody loose his or her concentration on what he is doing and come to see what is happening. I am saying this because Jael found herself not concentrating in what she was doing when the Awana was going on, because all the other children were enjoying themselves during games and making  much noise cheering.

She found herself attending the meeting although doing nothing but she was just there. She saw the wonderful handbooks that the other children were given by their leaders and wanted to know what they were all about. She decided to join the program so that she could know what was really happening. She says that she will never forget the time she entered the game square and played the first game, she says that she really enjoyed and knew the joy that is in the Awana games. During handbook and counsel time she says that the leaders were good, loving and encouraging. She was given the flame club t-shirt and a handbook. She found that the handbook had many verses in it and it was like a Bible.

She studied the handbook and found many encouraging verses that encouraged her and made her life change completely. She considered the handbook her Bible and even when she went to church on Sundays she never left it behind. She says that being in Awana helped her be good in memorizing verses and also encouraged her to be reading the Bible everyday. Her parents were surprised on seeing the life of their daughter changed something that made them visit the program one of the Saturdays and were happy to see even other children learning the word of God.

This is the message that jael has for other children all over the world that do not know Awana, that it is a wonderful program that reaches the needs of all children about the word of God and that if they join it they will be taught the word of God and learn to be good children who obey their parents and live long here on earth as the book of Ephesians 6:1 states. Our prayer in the Awana Kenya ministry is that God is going to use Jael in a mighty way and she is going to grow up with the word of God inside her and that she will never depart from it. GOD BLESS AWANA"


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