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Anita Cano - family in Ecuador

Anita Cano attends mass regularly and sent her children to a Catholic School.  Her sister was attending the San Carlos Alliance Church in Quito, Ecuador where her children attend the Awana Club.  Her son kept inviting Anita to send his cousin, Ana, to the club. Occasionally she allowed Ana to attend. After many invitations and insistence, Anita took her baby, Martina, and sat on the church steps and watched the children’s game time.  Ana would come home with new teachings that conflicted with what she learned in Catholic School and that bothered Anita. She was not ready to allow Ana to get too involved in the club because there were many things she did not like, mainly differences between her traditional church and what the Awana program was teaching.

When serious problems started affecting their marriage, Anita and Juan Carlos sought help through the church’s couple’s ministry.  The pastor and his wife, Roberto and Betty Pérez, were able to help them through tough times and the whole family prayed to receive Jesus as Savior.

She continued to watch the Awana club and was soon encouraged to help out.  One day she was asked to be the Director for the Torch club and she declined but talked to the pastor’s wife.  She encouraged her that if God calls you to something, you should probably say “yes”. 

This year she was invited to attend the annual Awana Conference in Ecuador.  She decided that would be a good idea but registrations were closed, and they had no money.  When she talked to her club commander (General Director here) he found an opportunity, and God provided them the funding to attend.  Her husband helped in the children’s program.   She quickly looked over the selection of classes that interested her and selected several.  She said that it was as if God chose those just to meet her needs. She was a believer but did not feel that she had a purpose in her life. After attending, she knows that God’s purpose for her is to reach children with the Gospel and train them to be great evangelists and that they too have a purpose in their lives.  She feels that she has more confidence to share with others what God is doing in her life.  She also is working to complete her first handbook.

Her husband has to work when they have club, so she takes her youngest daughter with her. She is thrilled that Martina, though only 4, is starting to work on her Sparks entrance exam.


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