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Clubber takes 3 buses to get to club

Clubber in Uruguay memorizes books of the Bible

Javier - clubber in Uruguay 

This is the story of 12 year old Javier, born in beautiful Montevideo Uruguay.

In 2008 Javier moved to a place much farther away from where club takes place.  He has to take 3 buses to arrive on Saturdays to his Oansa club.  For Javier this will be his last year in the Torches club.

Because of this his testimony has been a great blessing to our lives, because now unlike previous years he has shown great interest in the things of God.

In a group of 6 children, Javier has stood apart, even through difficulties he has continued to advance in his handbook.  At home, he counts on the help of his mom who turns off the TV and helps him memorize his verses.

In our dear church we have had a tradition for many years for those who memorize the 66 books of the Bible.  Each one receives a Bible, for their memorization and we celebrate this during the Sunday service.

In the case of Javier since he could not attend church on Sunday, we motivated him to memorize the books of the Bible and took video of him reciting the books to show to the congregation.  Thanks to the great power of God, Javier was able to memorize them and the whole church was a witness to it.

The interesting thing is that at the beginning we did not see the potential in Javier and now Javier wants to learn and together with the group we challenge them to reach the goals they have set for themselves.

We see the hand of God working in their lives and continue praying that this will happen because God loves them and has a perfect plan for each one of them.


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