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Children share gospel with other children

Leader in Nepal is thankful for Awana

"Greetings in Jesus name!

We are very thankful towards your help to begin children ministry at our church. When I returned back to my village and started Awana club then many children came to our church and they are really happy. My joy is to see our children are sharing gospel with other children at our community. One miracle is that one small girl was sick and used to urinate at bed when her friend brought her to church and we prayed for her and God healed her. Your help brought many blessing at our church. We also pray that may God bless you and please pray for:

  • May our leaders be able to continue ministry.
  • My studies
  • May my family members receive Christ as their savior.
  • Other provisions for Awana Club conduction.

Serving with you,"

Prabha Chaudhary


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