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Serving God in spite of difficulties

Awana leader working at the border of India and Nepal

 Ranjita Kujur leader in India

Ranjita Kujur, one of the most vocal ladies in the Awana Leadership Training is committed to doing Lord’s work as long as the Lord allows. Working at Naxalbarie the border of India and Nepal, is not a joke. It requires guts, boldness and enthusiasm to carry on the work of the Lord. In the midst of difficulties, Ranjita has a strong determination to continue to work for the Lord.

"The Lord has called me to be here and I have no problem though humanly speaking it is tough. During the training, I got to learn so much into ministering to Children, got readymade materials and was taught how to use it effectively in the ministry to reach many boys and girls for Christ. This is the best training and best materials I have received. I have attended couple of other Sunday school teachers training but not as Awana training. So, I thank God for this wonderful opportunity."


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