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God provides a meeting place

Club in Ukraine is granted a place to meet

"I also would like to share a story with you. It is from one of Odessa clubs. They have Awana meets in Odessa outskirt despite their church is situated in the center of the city. After having Awana meets at one of the local schools for 2 years they were refused in permission from the school government. When the Director of club told children that they can’t have Awana meets there anymore everybody was very upset… Director started to look for a new place for Awana but was refused everywhere he went.

Then he gathered all Awana team and the clubbers and told them about the problem. Children proposed to have Awana outdoors and pray for the place indoors and they had some meets outside but when the weather became colder they met with the problem again. Then leaders proposed to look for the place in center of the city. It seemed impossible but they decided to try. So, they knocked every door where they can be proposed the place for Awana meets but it was unsuccessful. One day, one of the leaders proposed to come in the children’s rehabilitation center.

They went by this building every time but thought  that it was waste of time and nobody would listen to them. But this time they decided to come in. So, they asked for the Director’s appointement and were welcomed by him. Moreover, when they told him that they work with children and need the place to rent for having Awana meets, they were proposed the place there and Director told that they can even meet twice a week instead of one. So, now this club has the new place for Awana meets. 

Praise the Lord, Who always answers our prayers and needs and does it where we don’t expect to have it."


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