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Flu epidemic can't stop a club

Flu epidemic in Ukraine doesn't stop a club from meeting

"This month I had a meeting with Awana team of Kharkov clubs.  Director of one Awana club share with us the story how God bless their club.

At the beginning of November 2009, there was the epidemic of flu in our country and all schools were closed for 3 weeks.  The government announced the quarantine.

Leaders of one Awana club were very anxious because of absence Awana meets.  The matter is that it is very hard to get the clubbers together after vacation or a long break.  So, leaders decided to pray about it and asked the church to pray. And they were very surprised when they came to the school on Saturday and it was opened. Moreover, they were allowed to have Awana meets.

All 3 weeks long they had Awana meets and so they didn’t lose any clubbers. Praise the Lord for His miracles that we can see every single day.  We believe that Awana Ministry can do a lot for God’s Kingdom in the future."


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