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Healing for Clubber with burned leg

Boy learns of Heavenly Father who loves him

Anatoliy - clubber in Ukraine Europe

"This month we had Awana Conference in Lvov. There were 95 participants. It was hold in the church that has Awana club for a long time but never does the Awana Conference in their church. When we asked the leaders about their prayer’s needs one Director of the local Awana club asked us to pray about a boy named Anatoliy from his club. The matter is that boy has the burn on the leg because his brother pour out the hot water from the teapot on his leg.

Some time Anatoliy couldn’t attend the school and the Awana club. When the Director of Awana club has visited this boy at his home, the boy was complaining of legache. Awana Director whoes name is Yura proposed him to pray for his leg and told him that God is able to help him. The boy said that it is true because when he is praying the pain has subsided.

At the end of this month I called to that Awana Director and asked about Anatoliy and he said that God answered and healed Anatoliy. So, he is ok now. He aslo told me that this family consists of 3 children and they don’t have the father. So, mother has been bringing the children up alone. Praise the Lord that He gives us the opportunity to teach children that they have Heavenly Father who can and want to help them and who loves them very much.

You also can see the picture of Anatoliy - he is the second Spark on the left."


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