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Pastor gives testimony of gratitude

Pastor in Ukraine is thankful for Awana

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I would like to share with you a testimony of Peter Vysochnskiy, the pastor of Skole church, Lvov region regarding the Awana Leadership Training held there recently.

“Our church loves Awana Program and we consider that it is good evangelical tool for reaching children and their parents. Clubbers tell us that they are the part of one big and friendly family where they know they are loved and cherished. The problem of our society is that parents and school don’t pay a lot of attention to children and they are leaved to their own devices. Sometimes they get into bad companies and troubles.  Awana is the alternative for children’s upbringing.

We are gratitude for showing us the field of ministry where God wants us to be – children’s hearts. And they are opened for the truth.

Please, pray for enough leaders for our club bigger place for doing Awana games each church of our region would see the importance of Awana Ministry and starts Awana club - it is our dream.

Thank you very much.   Your brother, Peter.”

We are especially thankful God for His blessings and deliverance from flu epidemic that was in Ukraine. All Missionaries, Coordinators, participants of Awana conference witnessed how God saved them from after effect of an illness during this epidemic.  Although in Kiev region the pastor of one of the churches has died because of the flu and his brother is in the resuscitation department now. We also ask you to pray for them and their families because they need our prayers and consolation.

Thank you very much for supporting our ministry!

Victor and Inna Gureyev (and our family)


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