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Help arrives!

Couple volunteers to help Awana in Taiwan and beyond

A married couple who were Awana leaders at Taipei International Church (Taiwan), approached us and said that they wanted to become full time Awana workers. We were delighted and have been training them.  Damian and Clarissa Chee are a hard working and talented middle aged couple with a real heart for reaching children with the gospel.  Damian is Sri Lankan and Clarissa is Korea. Already they have been studying hard and are out talking to pastors and setting up times to present the Awana ministry.  Both speak Mandarin and Clarissa can also read and write traditional Chinese.

We look forward to 2010 to see how God will continue to use them here in Taiwan, abroad with Korean churches and eventually to assist in the Awana ministry in Sri Lanka.

We forget that we live in a "dark" country which is not governed or based on the Bible.  It makes us more eager to spread the truth of the saving work of Christ.

We have had more interest from Churches about Awana but the work is still very slow. The pastors are still not convinced that children need intentional spiritual training. They are more concerned about education and are more focused on ministry to adults and perhaps youth.

Please keep Taiwan in prayer that we may make an impact, start Awana clubs and have an inroad to change the hearts and minds of the pastors.


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