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Each night I pray for it not to rain

Story from Haiti

Friday the 16th (testimony from Gersan Valcin)
"It's 9:30 pm and there is no electricity in the Port-au-Prince. It's unusually cold. Betty and I are in the van for our third night. All around us on the street are people. Some are sleeping in their car and others  just on the ground. We had a surplus of mattresses from last week camp and we gave them all away. I keep one jacket in the Van just in case I might be called for funerals. So far, the situation is so bad that we don't have time for proper burials. People are just put in a common grave.
Out in the dark people are singing songs of praises making harmonies. I don't  know how long they will sing, but it's beautiful.

Because of news about criminals breaking out of jail, we put cars on each side of the road and put a brigade overnight. We are fortunate to have water and the food we need for the day. We take one meal a day and save what we can because we don't know how long the situation will last. Each night I pray for it not to rain. With so many people outside and no tent, it will be good not to have rain. God has been faithful to keep all the rains in Cap-Haitian area. We also need to pray for the people there because their crops are receiving too much rain and they will have a hard time this summer. We share everything and it's such a great testimony for the unsaved. One woman in our neighborhood starts to develop some interest in the Gospel. She realized how we as evangelicals we life our faith: how we care for each other and love each other. I shared the gospel with her.


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