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One of the most painful minutes of my life

Story from Haiti

Saturday morning the 17th (testimony from Gersan Valcin)

"I left home to drop a family member to a place where she can take a tap-tap (transportation). After I dropped them in Petion ville, I turn to go back home. 4 people get into my car and ask me to drop them to where they were going. As they were in the car, I took the time to hear each one’s story and each one had a family member that was under the wreckages. One particular man who was silent all along started to tell his story. 8 family members are dead under his house and he was going to try to find a way to get to them. When he started, there was no emotion on his face, but when he came across the house he broke in tears and pointed to the place: “Here is the house; here is the house he cried!!! Tears came down all over his face. I stopped and let him step out of  the car. I stood there for a few minutes hopelessly and looked around; but there was nothing I could do. He turned with his hands up over his head in despair. He turned around at least three times and looked for help; but there was no help. That was one of the most painful minutes of my life! There is nothing as painful as hopelessness! After this crisis, there will be need for a lot of counseling. People that seem to be strong now, when faced with the reality of their loss will probably lose their mind."


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