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Nothing in my life and training prepared me for a tragedy of this magnitude

Story from Haiti

Sunday, Jan. 18 (testimony from Gersan Valcin)

"Today at church, few people showed up as this is unusual for Haitians, we knew that something has changed. Most of the people are out of their home and not able to travel because their car has been damaged. We have heard many stories of how God miraculously spared the lives of friends, family and coworkers in spite of the disaster all around.

We have also heard of some difficult stories. One woman shared how her husband and three of her children were buried aive under the wreckage of her house and she stood there crying with no help around. They all passed away and she was at church to share the story. Another father stood with his baby girls with almost no clothes sharing how his wife and her mother died. A young girl, Regine Michel raised her only moving arm in the air to give praise to God for saving her life. Her left arm was broken in two places and no hospital wanted to help her because her wound was not life threatening. We praise God for one congressman that was present and that took her to the DR boader in the hope that she will find help and they will not have to amputate her arm.

Like a sister wrote in her news letter, “this event has reminded us, once again, how fragile life is. We can be called home at any time and so we should live in such a way that we will not be ashamed when we meet Him.

Nothing in my life and training prepared me for a tragedy of this magnitude.  That was the opportunity to turn to the Word of God. We read the third chapter of Lamentations and shared some words of comfort from the 46th Psalms. In the days ahead, we will conduct symbolic funerals for the dead ones. Thank you for your prayers and support!"


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