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This is the time people need to hear a word from the Lord

Story from Haiti

Gersan and Betty Valcin - missionaries in Haiti

Thursday 1/14 (Testimony from Betty Valcin)

"God saved Gersan and me by not allowing the house to fall during the first 13 seconds of quaking. After the 13 seconds which was an eternity for me, Gersan ran downstairs to get me and together we ran outside where we had the next 25 seconds of quaking.

Our house is standing but you can see the cracks all around the second floor. So it won't stand if we were to have another quake. Right now we are living in our Van on the street. And we're waiting for the government to tell us when it's safe to go in. The situation is chaotic. We must remain here with the church family. Gersan will have a lot of funeral services to conduct in the next coming days since there have been lots of deaths.

The church building (the Valcin's home church) is ok and there was only one side wall that fell. It has become a refugee center and we don't know for how long. It's really difficult for us to see the ocean of human beings in the church's parking lot and not able to provide water and other basic things for them. More people come in every day and there is almost no room for more, but you know, more will come and it will never stop.

Please pray for us for as we're trying to remain calm in the midst of the storm. Pray for His wisdom to know the right thing to do in these difficult times. Also pray for the church family, especially for those who lost their loved ones and those who are injured. This is the time people need to hear a word from the Lord. As God’s servants we must be here for the people. Nothing in our experience prepared us for this. God will need to lead us as those with wounded hearts will need His comfort. Please pray for wisdom and strength.

Thank you for your prayers and support. May the Lord be with you always!


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