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She wants to serve the Lord

Clubber in Kenya learns to read the Bible

Alice Mumo Clubber in Kenya
Alice Mumo Clubber in Kenya

Alice is a 14 year old girl born May 7th 1996.  She lives together with her parents and goes to church at African Inland Church and it is the same church where she goes for the Awana program. She joined Awana when she was in grade six at the age of 11 in the flame club. This was during the time when Awana was introduced to their church. She was already saved but didn’t know much about the scriptures because she thought that reading the Bible was only for big people.

Her parents were the ones who encouraged her to join the program because they had heard that it was all about the scriptures. She enjoyed the program from the very beginning because she loved scripture memorization which she says that it has helped her spiritually and emotionally. Through the program she says that she can teach the word to her fellow club members because she now understands it.

On joining Awana she went through many hard times because many of her friends despised her saying that Awana was not for people like her rather it was for kids, but I thank God because even though she had to go through that she did not lose her focus because she knew what was good about Awana. She knew that God had brought Awana into her life so that she could know more about Him and live for him.

Even though she was despised, she did not give up on telling her friends about the goodness of Awana, about how Awana had helped many kids who did not know about Christ and how it leads into salvation. With time they started coming to the program and they saw what Awana was all about.

Alice has enjoyed being in Awana because of the leaders, she says that they are so loving and encouraging, they teach them the words scriptures and it has kept her strong and going. During the Awana camps, she says that she enjoys meeting other children from other churches and many other places who have been brought to Christ through the Awana ministry. She says that Awana has changed her and she says that she will live to serve the lord Jesus Christ. This is the message that she has to those kids who live where there are Awana clubs and yet they don’t know about Christ, that they should join it because it will give them happiness and they will come God and accept Jesus Christ as their lord and personal savior and to those who already have joined Awana clubs that they should keep on with that heart because it will make grow strong spiritually, emotionally and socially.

Alice has completed her primary level and she is waiting to join high school but she says that she will not leave Awana because there is an Awana program for high school students called junior varsity and she will stick on to it because she wants to serve the lord.


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