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Child prostitution is the order of the day

Hopes for a better community in Zambia

"I am thankful to God the Father and to you, sponsor, for this great opportunity that you have given me to attend this Seed Panters Leadership Training Conference. I come from the community where children and youth make up ¾ of the population.  The problem is that in this community these children are the most neglected. They start beer drinking and smoking at a tender age. The reason is that mostly in my community there are no activities to keep them busy. So they turn do what they think is interesting and enjoyable. Church to these kids is boring because they think at church you cannot have fun. In my culture, child and youth prostitution is the order of the day. The church is trying but the situation is 50:50. I thank God for the coming in of the Awana program - I am sure it is going to bring a great impact to my community and families. May God bless you! ” Lameck Kaonga




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