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Awana popular in Malawi orphanages

Orphans asking for Awana program

"There are many orphanages that are using the Awana program in Malawi and many children have come to God with their parents. Orphans are given parents to care for them, so many of the children now are receiving Jesus as Lord and savoir of their lives and some parents too have received Jesus as Lord and savior of their lives.

Apart from Rainbow Children Development Center Orphanage, there is another orphanage center by the name of Adziwa Orphanage Center which also requested Awana Clubs Malawi to come and launch the Awana program for their children.

Awana Clubs Malawi has also received another request from an orphanage by the name Children of Nation Orphanage Center.  This orphanage first asked me to come to their center to preach to a number of visitors who come there as a missions team and this was after they had done their mission team and they were leaving going back to USA.  So I was asked to come and consecrate and grace their departure.  At first even the Malawian representative of this orphanage did not know exactly what I do.  All he knew was I am Pastor so he called me as Pastor to grace this occasion.  Now as I began introduce myself in full it was like the answer to the children ministry they were looking for. The children of the Nation Orphanage were coming asking to adopt the Awana program at their orphanage and this encounter started right there after."


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