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Son calls ambulance to save father

Clubber in Ukraine brings father to club

 Clubbers in Ukraine
 Club in Ukraine

"This club is in Aleksandria city and pastor of the local church told me this story.  Once when they had Awana club, the clubbers heard a lot about Almighty God who can change lives.  One boy prayed and asked God to change his father’s life because his behavior is bad and he drinks alcohol a lot. Leaders and other clubbers support his prayer need and pray for this problem. Half of a year passed and one day his father drank bad quality alcohol and he realized that he needed medical help. So, he asked his son to call the ambulance. The boy did and the ambulance came and provided first aid.

When the father got well he was told that he had severe poisoning of bad quality alcohol and only because of his son’s call to the ambulance was he alive now. After those words he began to think about his second chance in life. Using this opportunity his son started to tell him about God and that He can change his life and give him salvation. The boy said that he knew this because of Awana. Then his father asked him if he can visit Awana with him? And next time they came to Awana club together.  After Awana club time,  leaders invited him to visit the church and he started to attend it.

Pastor also told me that they can’t restart Awana right now because they have lack of money for this and they desire to do it very much because there are so many boys and girls in their city who have the same parents like this boy had and they should restart Awana club for them."


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