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Clubber forsakes occultism

Clubber in Ukraine believes in Jesus

"Dear Awana sponsors,

I would like to say thank you for the help you have been doing for my ministry.

This time I share with you the testemony of a boy who attends Awana club in Gorlovka City, Donetsk region. His name is Vlad and he is 11 years old, Flame club. Nowadays, young people are very fond of computers and internet and sometimes nobody controls the Internet access where children can find the information that does harm to their young souls. So, this happened with Vlad who, without realizing, plunged into occultism through computer graphics of Japanese animation. Moreover, Vlad had inferiority complex because of his low growth. When parents couldn’t or don’t want to solve teenagers problems they start to seek help outside. Praise the Lord that Vlad came to Awana club and found his place there. After attending the club for 2 month his interests has been changed, he started control his manners and temper. He began to read the New Testement and accepted Jesus into his heart to the big joy of all leaders. I am thankful to Awana leaders who could become the Vlad’s friends and with the help of God changed his life position.

Because of your help to our country we are able to change society consciousness and thereby reach them with the Gospel. And His Kingdom is enlarging!!! Thank you very much."

Maksim Tamozhnikov


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