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I will never sink in this world

Hopeful clubber in Ukraine despite family situation

Oksana - clubber in Ukraine

"Thank you very much for your care and support for our ministry. There are a lot of children in Ukraine who live in unfavorable situations with their families and don’t know about Jesus Christ and His love. But because of our common ministry we can reach them and their families with the Gospel.

Here is the letter of Awana clubber from Mliev Awana club. This club started a year ago as a result of the Seed Planters Leadership Training program. This girl lives in an unfavorable family situation. Her mother divorced and moved to her relatives. Girl lives with stepfather in the family where quarrels, brawls and alcohol is present every day.

 'I love all Awana clubbers and leaders. When I came to the club for the very first time I felt myself very comfortable and it reminds me my native area, the faces of my relatives and especially my father’s face. But I don’t want to recall it. I will attend the club because I can’t live without you. I miss you because you are my friends. I believe that with you I will never sink in this world.'  (Oksana, 10 years old.)"


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