Clubs Just Like Yours

God is very serious about Awana

Answered prayer in Slovakia

"In september 2009 we started for 5 year of AWANA clubs and as it happens usually with Godś ministry, it went through many hindrances also in this year. At the beginning it looked very well. We started clubs outside in the town and many children joined us. But when it got colder we needed to move into the place where we worship. It was the place were we have been having an AWANA clubs for five years. But the person who is renting the room to us has put there some new furnitures – tables and computers.  Since that, the room became no more suitable for an AWANA clubs – it was smaller and not as safe. If something would break, we could not pay for it. We were looking for a new place. We looked for a gymnasium, but we could not find any. We did not have AWANA clubs for a 5 weeks!!!

We started to fight in prayers for it. We prayed with kids in small groups as well as with a whole congregation. In a following days we got an idea to ask a friend of ours, who became a headmaster of one primary school in Giraltovce. We asked him for a help and we were surprised by his willingness to act. He offered us a school enterance hall for a games and one of the classes for teaching in small groups and for a time together at the end. He said to us that he noticed our ministry prior and that he is sure that it is necesary to give more time to children and that this work need to be supported. He is doing that very cheerfully and he does not ask money for it!!!

It is a great answer to our prayers and we are so thankfull to God for it. This experience was a great encouragement for us, because we see, that God is very serious about our AWANA clubs, even more serious than we are! That put a shame on our attitude to this ministry."


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