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Leader starts Latvian club in Ireland

Latvian families in Ireland respond to Awana club

Latvian clubbers in Ireland 
 Latvian clubbers in Ireland

"The unemployment crisis has spread to Latvia. From Latvia many tens of thousands went abroad to seek employment. 50,000 of them went to Ireland, and with them went Plavinu Sunday church school leader, who took an active part in ministry with the family here in Latvia. But circumstances forced her to walk away from Latvia.

While living in Ireland, she saw many Latvian families with children and felt God's call to work with them. From the start it was Sunday school. The response was great.  When she visited Latvia, she remembered about the program that she couldn’t start in Latvia because of the absence of leaders. This program was Awana. Implementation of the program in Ireland resulted in a big response from the Latvians living in Ireland. In the lessons the children come with parents and the great majority of parents who do not know God. Parents participate in the sports and the classes are active in all activities with the children."


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