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Hard to match his enthusiasm

Leader in Bhutan is fine Awana leader

Leader in Bhutan 

Bhai Biswa was a Torch Clubbers in 2007/2008. Today he is one of the finest Awana leaders at Lankapara Baptist Church. He even takes turns to teach Sparks, Flame & Torch when he is all alone and in the absence of other teachers. His enthusiasm for anything related to Church activities has nothing a word such as NO. There also is not a day when he takes leave unless he is very sick. So, Bhai deserve a special mention for prayer and praise for his dedication to work for the Lord even in this young age. He is so adventurous that at times he takes his clubbers hiking to the foothill of Bhutan, which is just a few kilometers away from his village. At times, he takes them somewhere in the green gardens and to down stream. There is something extraordinary in him that attracts everyone.


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