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From chocolate factory to Pastor

Pastor in the Philippines requests prayer

"I am Pastor Marlo Alba.  Before I entered the ministry full-time I used to work as a Chemical Engineer in a chocolate factory here in Metro Manila.  I felt God's call for me to reach the young people in our outreach where I am pastoring now.  My church is located in an urban poor community where vices like alcoholism, gambling and drug addiction are rampant.  Typical of any squatter's area in our country, the children in our community are malnourished, deprived of proper education and lack of care from parents.

One of my regrets as a pastor in our community is that our church was not able to establish a strong and relevant children's ministry when we started in 1997.  Had we done a good job 12 years ago, I believe we would have youth today who are living a vibrant and growing relationship with God.  But God is so good, He has rekindled my heart again to start a children's ministry.  Awana Seed Planter's Leadership Training came at the right time.

Please pray for me and our church as we start Awana Bible Club in our community.  We envision to reach 60 children in our first year.  Remember me also in your prayers in selecting and training leaders to help me in ushering children to Christ."


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