Clubs Just Like Yours

Our clubs start in February

What is club like in Australia?

Clubbers in Australia 

You would probably be quite surprised how similar Awana is here in Australia to the club where you meet.  In fact, clubbers here work in exactly the same handbooks that you are working in and receive exactly the same type of awards.  You have probably guessed by now that our children memorize Bible verses in English.

Most Awana clubs in Australia will meet in a church hall (sometimes in a school hall when the church does not have a building of their own.  The Awana Uniform for T&T in Australia is a navy blue golf/polo shirt.  Our clubs start in February and end for the year in late November/early December.  This coincides with our school year.  Our school year is divided into four terms.  This is nice because it makes it easier for our clubbers to pace themselves in their handbooks.  Most groups do the pledge to the Awana flag and the Australian flag.

Generally speaking, most Awana clubs would have up to 35 children so they would keep everyone together.

We do not presently have Awana Quizzing in Australia but clubs do like participating in AwanaGames, competitions and Grand Prix. Some clubs do have week long camps.


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