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Dream of becoming Bible expert

Clubber in Korea loves memorizing God's Word

Clubber in South Korea 

"When I was a 5th grader, our church started Awana.  So I entered T&T and my younger brother, Taeun, entered Sparks.

At first, I got more interested in games than handbook.  Later, however, I became interested in memorizing the Word and my memorizing sped up gradually, which made me listen to the Word of God carefully.  Now, I always wait for Awana at 2pm on Fridays and prepare next handbook lessons.  This made my school work improve, so I got a better grade in school.  At first, I memorized the Word to get stickers.  Soon, however, I came to feel I didn’t know much phrases.  So I started to read the Bible every day, which led me to read other books, too.

As a result, I memorized DISCOVERY 1-8, THE ULTIMATE ADVENTURE 1 and entered the Bible Quiz.  I got more and more interested in memorizing the Word with a teacher and my speed became faster than ever.  This time, I hope that I will try it hard and win the medal, so bring glory to my church.  (Frankly speaking, game is a little more exciting but…I think the Word is more important than games.)

Joining Awana for 1 year, I felt many lessons and realized it was rewarding to spend time meeting God for 2 hours on Fridays.  I have a dream of memorizing the Word harder and becoming a Bible expert.

Way to go, Awana!"


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