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Reaching out to the community

New Awana leader in Fiji is burdened for non-believers

"I live in an area where there are Hindus and Muslims and all respect one another.  This is a small suburban area that has 3 Christian churches, a Hindu temple and 2 mosques.  There are some children in our area and I hope to impart and share to them the gospel message of Jesus one day.

My desire right now is to go back and share to my church the things I have learned about Awana and especially about the Kingdom of God.  I will also begin at home with my 4 year old son and his 2 friends who are Muslim boys - the ages of 8 and 7.  To begin with just having games together and build up slowly.

My desire is also to reach out to our community because there is majority of Indian children and families who just need to be prayed for of their sicknesses and other social problems like unemployment, lack of education, etc.

Please pray for our church and the evangelism team so that we can reach out to those that I had mentioned above.  Pray that God will burden and prompt the hearts of our people to give themselves for Christ's service in the lives of the children.  Pray that God will continue to burden our hearts for the children and God's Truth - the Word of God.  Thank you."


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