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Earthquake in Chile postpones ministry

Update from Awana ministry in Chile

Clubber in Chile 

The Awana ministry in Chile is very young with just a few clubs in and around Santiago, the capital. We have not received any direct reports from these clubs after the recent earthquake but we are praying that they are safe. We have heard from our coordinator though, and we thank the Lord that he and his family are safe.

A new opportunity for Awana opened up last January in Chile. Awana President and CEO, Jack Eggar, was invited to meet with the leaders of a large Evangelical Association in that country.  These leaders want Awana in as many of their churches as possible.   

Plans were underway this month to meet with the leaders again.  However, because of the earthquake, these meetings have been postponed.  The ministry that we are planning to partner with in Chile has experienced losses in the coastal region, so we are praying with them during this difficult time.  These partners are still interested, however, in moving forward, so we are making plans to train 50 or more churches to reach at least 3,000 children this year.  You can be a part of bringing God's message of love and hope to these children during this difficult time. 

Please join us in prayer for our new but promising ministry in this grief-stricken nation.  We trust that God will bring the light of the Gospel to these children now more than ever. 


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