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Awana club in IDP Camp

Internally Displaced Persons Camp in Kenya holds an Awana club

 Clubbers in IDP Camp in Kenya
 Clubbers in IDP Camp in Kenya

What I learned (at the Awana Seed Planter's Leadership Training Conference) was able to study God's Word and understand how important children are to Him.  I have also been trained how to share the gospel more effectively.  Now I have clear vision of spreading God's Word to children and their families. Practical experience leading Game Time and how to teach Bible lesson was very good to me.  My desire is to teach what I had learned to others so as together we can build God's kingdom

We have 300 children at Jikazi Internally Displaced Person (IDP) Camp that we can reach through the Awana ministry, every Saturday I am excited to meet the children.  Most of the parents tell their children to come to Awana where they can have fun and learn about Jesus.  Within the 2 months we have been able to train teachers on how to use Awana material. We have about 7 teachers - 2 per each class.  We have been meeting with the teachers to start with prayers every time before we meet the children.  About meeting with children I meet with teachers to do the review we have been able to teach children Awana key verse, Awana pledge and Awana song.  Through Awana we got 25 children who have come to know the Lord through the Awana ministry.


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