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Brian becomes a Believer

Clubber in Kenya reforms his ways

Brian Kiguru - Clubber in Kenya 

As many may think that you only come to Awana to be taught the word of God and memorize verses.  Well, for young Brian joining the Awana ministry was not only for memorizing Bible verses and being taught the word of God but was also as his rescue place. He says that he cherishes and will never regret joining Awana because it rescued him from a worldly child to a Christian child. This is his testimony.

He was born on 25th July 1999 and he lives with both his parents at home, he is now in grade six. Despite being raised in a Christian family, his deeds were different from a child that is brought up in a Christian family. He was a disobedient child; he didn’t like listening to his parents, he also didn’t like going to church, he only went because he was forced by his parents. His parents had tried counseling him but all was in vain. Every Sunday after church he would go out with his friends and all that would follow next is that they have beaten other children or they have taken what money not belong to them.

In 2004 after attending church service, he saw other children of his age and even older gathering at one place. He wanted to know what was happening so he went close to where they had assembled. He found that they were playing games that were so interesting, he decided to stay there instead of going home early and hang out with his friends. After the games they went to classes and he saw that all the other children had hand books that had memory verses in them. He was impressed with the way things were being done. He decided that every Sunday he will be attending the session.

One Sunday when they were having their Council Time, the leader asked if there was any one who would like to accept Christ as Lord and personal Savior, a few clubbers lifted up their hands but Brian was afraid because he thought that his friends would laugh at him and despise him but then he realized that he was doing it for his own good. So that Sunday marked the beginning of a new life for Brian as a child of God. When the news reached his parents they were happy that their son had changed his ways. Brian has never missed any Awana club session meeting and he is a very active member.

This is what he has for the unsaved boys and girls, that in Christ you can never lack anything because our God is a wonderful God and he never lets down his children.


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