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Freed from yokes

Mozambique parent of clubbers finds freedom in Christ

I was Freed of the Yokes

"Through my children, Mateus, Filipe, Matikiti and Maguere I began to have interest in going to church and I had the opportunity to accept Jesus as my Savior. They are going to the Club Awana and church service and my happiness increased since my salvation. With this, little by little I am more interested in the events of the church. Something different is happening inside of me.  I felt great happiness when I felt Jesus' presence in my life. I saw the need to be obedient through  baptism and today I am man free from demons, of drugs, drunk alcoholic, cigarettes, and sorcery and happy with Jesus in my heart."

(Mr Chaora, member of the Igreja Corpo de Cristo-Beira.)


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