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Testimonies from Romania

 Awana Missionaries in Romania

Beni and Ada Paul

Awana missionaries in Romania

“I first went to Awana in my second grade. Here I got the chance to learn about the endless love of our Lord Jesus Christ, about obeying and many other things about Jesus Christ. What I liked the most was the handbook time,  where I have learned many verses from the Bible. I also made a lot of new friends. I love to attend Awana meetings.”  (Madalina, age 10, Romania.)

“In the beginning, as a kid, Awana was a place for fun and new friends. Later, as a youth, Awana was a place where I learned what team play meant, what meant both to win and lose as a team. I discovered the Bible and have received Christ as my Savior. As an adult and as an Awana worker I have learned how important it is to plant the Bible in the kids mind from an early age, I learned to love children and care about them as I saw the great potential that lies in them. Awana was a great part of my life. Also Awana has given me a lot and I hope to give it back.”  (Emanuel, Awana Commander, Oradea.)

“For me Awana was and still is a place were I could invest in the next generation - in the children. Here, God molded me and formed me as a Christian, then as a leader. Today I have this opportunity to pay forward what I have received with so much thirst, year after year, from the Awana Club."  (Dora, Awana Leader, Brashov.)



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