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Teenager experiences revival

Clubber in Ukraine returns to Christ


"I also would like to share one testimony I have heard at the 'Seed planter' training. There was the Leader from Ternopol club, her name is Oksana Gipnar. Now she is 26. When she was 14 her friend invited her to visit the church where she heard about Savior for the very first time and also she began to attend Awana club. She has got many friends there.  When she was 16 she accepted Jesus into her heart. But then there was sad scandal in her home with the parents and she left home. She also stopped attending the church and Awana and didn’t communicate with Christians, did sins. But in her mind there always were the verses from the Scripture she had learned once at the church and God had been working in her heart.  So, in 4 years she came back to the church, repented of her sins and reconciled with her parents. She can see God‘s miracles of love in her life and she has the great desire and God’s calling to work with children because she experienced revival when she was teenager. She told us that this new Awana program is the key to children’s hearts she has been praying for a long time."


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