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Our God is alive and effective!

Change comes for 2 boys in Russia

 Clubber and Leader in Russia

"My name is Ekaterina. I am from Petrozavodsk (Kareliya). Since autumn of 2009 I am responsible for club "Авана" in our city. Now we have 6 constant leaders and 15 children from the ages 7-13 years. Most of the children are boys. God blesses us in our service and we are very glad to it!!! I would like to share with you the blessings God gives to us.

Several months ago 2 boys of 12 years came to our club from a correctional class where faithless (non-Christian) families have started to go. Their class teacher  characterised them as lacking initiative, unsociable and closed. Now, according to their class teacher, they have became more open, show more initiatives in class affairs, willingly communicate with children from other classes. Despite their age their memory has been poorly developed. Now they are showing surprising abilities to learn big fragments from the Bible. Their advancements became visible even at literature lessons; they learn and hand over big poems that they could not do earlier. My heart rejoices when I see how the God changed them! Our God is alive and effective!!!"


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